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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The World God Only Knows

This is a very good anime!

That is what I keep hearing about it. So I took a look look it and watched all 10 episodes... The only thing good about it, is the humor and massiveness of weird/humorous faces. The Name, and the Opening Song of the anime is SO misleading.

-You Google the anime and go to images: "This remind me of death note, some what"
-The name makes you think: "Oh hey, this seems like an epic anime. It seems like it would be fighting type thing with a huge awesome secret. Or something like that"
-You see the opening song: "Oh well maybe it's a technology things. Though girls are the game characters of that PSP, that, that guy is playing.... Or maybe he has though girls trapped in the game!!"

In reality the anime is nothing like that. It's about Keima Katsuragi who is addicted to Bishojo games.He is known by the user name "The Capturing God" all over the net and Bishojo games. He all ways knows how the game will end, and so forth (when you combined his user name and him knowing the ending you get the tittle of the ainime). So one day he gets a message offering him a chance to 'capture' girls and accepts it because he never turns down a challenge. Well he actually singed a *contracted to help a demon (named Elsie). Then he gets a collar so he can't run a way, same with Elsie. So they go around going by the 'gamer word of girls (I.e you know how the aimes are. In PE girls wear granny panties and have there hair up? And so forth)' and get all of the girls.

And that's the WHOLE anime :/ There's a season 2 coming out too.

P.S: Keima is a tool and a man slut if you think about it

*The contract is to help Elsie capture all the lose souls that got a way from hell. The only way to complete this is to kiss the girls or to make them fall in love. Though are the only options because the lose souls are in the heart... Get it, love and hart?

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