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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kurogane no Linebarrels episode 1

I have been meaning to watch Kurogane no Linebarrels for a long time. Well I just got done watching episode 1and all I can say EPIC! The art is, well you'll get used to it. But it's not horrid, it's quit good. The facial expressions are strong, but it works. The dub isn't the best, though it's not terrible either.

It reminds me of death Note quite a lot. The main character wants to become god and have power (light), one of his friends the girl one, she is constantly worried about him and all (Misa). Then there is other best friend, he is looking out for him but is also like wut? at the same time (light).

Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto fits the 3 more than, Misa, Light and L... At least from what I saw. Oh and Gundan too. XD Or even kiddy Grade

So for now I highly recommend it!~

P.S: If what I said didn't get you interested in this anime; then this should

Kouichi: "I just can't! I can't lose this power now!!!"
Emi *grabs Kouichi's hand and starts to cry*: "I'm sorry Kouichi, but you can't have it any longer"
Kouichi: "What?!"
Emi: "You're all ready dead."

that is the last 4 lines of episode 1.

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