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Friday, June 10, 2011

Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist in its first episode is all about the potential here because it's doing the setup phase of things. A-1 Pictures presents it in a really striking way with their style of animation, one of my favorites when it comes to character designs and sets, and they work things so that Rin is pretty likable here from the start. Spending the time to just introduce him as a normal guy for most of it is kind of dicey, since you can lose some viewers quickly, but the payoff is definitely there at the end. What we get in those last few minutes speaks to what the series will be about in a larger sense, but it has so little time here that it doesn't get to really differentiate itself from other shows of a similar nature. That said, there's certainly more than enough here to entice someone back for me and this is easily a great show to check out every week as at the least it's very well animated and executed.
This world consists of two dimensions joined as one, like a mirror. The first is the world in which the humans live, Assiah. The other is the world of demons, Gehenna. Ordinarily, travel between the two, and indeed any kind of contact between the two, is impossible. However the demons can pass over into this world by possessing anything that exists within it. Satan is the god of demons, but there's one thing that he doesn't have and that's a container in the human world that is powerful enough to hold him!! For that purpose, he created Rin, his son from a human woman, but will his son agree to his plans, or will he become something else...? An exorcist?
I can't say I watched it, or even read it. But I keep hearing super great things about it

The anime is new, so there is only 8 episodes out. The manga on the other hand... There is 25 chapters and counting!
   Hmmm I really have nothing to say because I haven't watched or read it ^^;

Watch it:
Crunchy Role
Daily Motion
Viz Anime
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Anime Atom

Read it:
Manga Fox
Manga Reader
Manga Rush
King Manga

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