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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kanga ne Spoon and Maka Maka

Borrowing Yoshiaki's words, 'pretentious hippy' describes Kasumi. Inseparable since their school days, Kasumi is an independent and super sexy freeloader that comes and goes from Yoshiaki's room...and his bed..Not only that, there's more to Kasumi than meets the eye...
First off, awsum art!(as everyone said) Now, I LOVE THE SECOND STORY!!! It' was tooo cute! The little one was the top...Ahhh! lol Also, omgosh they got married!! So cool! I read this manga like years ago but couldn't remeber the name! ugh so frustrating BUT i finally found it and im saving this baby to my favs, fo-sho!
 ..Oh mY GOD>>> i thought ill never see a YAOI with an incredible ART!!!!! i love the way how the characters were draw.. but the best part is.. YAOI couples getting marrried.. This the BEST!!!
Yoshiaki on the left and Kasumi on the right
Kanga ne Spoon is a great Yaoi. The plot is amazing and the story is wonderful. The art takes a few moments to get use to, but in the end you love it.

Kasumi is a stylist, that seems like he can't do a thing. Yoshiaki is a top notch businesses man, who loves simple and a elegant life style.
As the story progresses Yoshiaki comes to realize that he does in fact love Kasumi. Kasumi on the other hand, all ways liked/loved Yoshiaki.
At one point in the story you see Kasumi is a super sexy outfit ;)

Kanga ne Spoon has a extra bonus story at the end. It's really cute!


A modern, all-color adult manga about two girls who appear to be "friends with benefits."
It's sort of obvious, but the characters go through a vareity of changes from beginning to end. Jun and Nene start to become more serious towards the end of the story, and sex becomes a lot more sensual for them. They start getting jealous of people start flirting with the other girl, and, well, it's just a really sad story for me to read. D:> The chapters were much too short for my liking, though... xD;;;
I wonder if this story is truly over, though? Because the ending of volume two is like the ending to volume one, where it just says, 'Happy Days Continue.' I get the feeling that maybe there's more to the story, since the final chapter in Maka-Maka Volume 2 didn't seem like a true ending... xD;
 I think it would have been better if the chapter held just a little more story,not just fleeting conversations leading into sex.
Now with Maka Maka. The plot sucks, and the dialog sucked too. I for one didn't love it. But over all it seems people loved it.

The art for me was more eh. Basically all they do is play with each other :\

After a wail all I did was look at the art and all skipped the dialog and plot.


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