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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Naruto Shippuden: Sasuke vs Naruto ova!

This is the new Naruto shippuden: Sasuke vs Naruto ova. It came out 3 days ago. The only thing bad about this ova is the massive spoiler at the end. Other this the ova is awesome!

This is all about Sasuke and Naruto and what they have been through for the past 10 years.

This is the real ova, so clearly it's not fake. I check it out my self, because I really hate when people lie about things the find out the true. So I don't want to put you guys throw that :)

The state Naruto is and were he is is the after math of the whole Sasuke vs Naruto fight. Clearly the battle was massive! I mean look at all of the rubble. Either way it was a super epic ova.

the 2 people at the end are Madara Uchiha and Kabuto. I won't spoil any more so enjoy!

** Sorry for the video fail!!!! You can watch it on this here :D

If you rather not use youtube you can use these 
(all of the links were taken down so these were about the only 2 good ones)

-Here is a fun little one if it were they just took out all of the original music and sound and subbed it for a different type of music really fitting

*Make it 720pHD for better viewing!*

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  1. This ova was cheese. It could of had been better.


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