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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gokujou no Koibito

Yoshimi is the brown haired one, and the gray hair one is Yusa

I LOVE-LOVED this Manga, the art was great the plot need a bit of help but over all it was just a good read! The plot it self is very similar to Skip beat. So if you liked Skip beat you'll love this one.

Now this Manga is Yaoi so that means it's a GuyxGuy thing. The story is about a very wealth rich kid that is spoiled. He wants to become famous so he choose molding scene all you have to do is stand in front of a camera (As he said). Sense he is the son of the bank the molding agency uses he was able to start to be come a model. Yoshimi (the main character. The rich kid) was assigned Kuniyoshi, Masahiro to be his manager.

At the begging Kuniyoshi really did not like Yoshimi at all! Mostly because the way he acts. Threw out the story he start to grow on Yoshimi. Though Akito didn't like it much (Kuniyoshi's was his manager) because of the way Yoshimi treated him. But he got over it around the end of book 3.

When  Yoshimi meet Akito he was jealous that he had Kuniyoshi and not him. So he make a agree meant that if he becomes the top model... Kuniyoshi will be his...
(I hate LONG summaries so I left some stuff out ^^')
Here is the official summary of it
When Kuniyoshi, Masahiro meets the new model he's supposed to manage, Suda, Yoshimi, he sees a spoiled little rich kid. That is before he notices how attractive Yoshimi really is.
The art is REALLY well draw, but I wish she would of had put more backgrounds instead of white space :\ Other than that it's a MUST read!!!

Read it here:


Here is what people think after they read it!

-i just love minase masara's works so much that i have to ask you guys if you know some similar stuff? Something where the artwork would be as lovely as Minase's? Or the stories would be as talentedly done? The stories are more important of course!

-just SWEET... great story... LOVE the Character design... and SO TOUCHING!!! just AWESOME!!
-Wow!!! I don't know what's with those people that are saying this couple sucks, and that Yoshimi cheated on him and was a total immature brat who didn't deserve Masahiro. While I agree that yes, Yoshimo was quite a brat there, but he's sixteen and a male, is that really unexpected? And as for the cheating thing? Seriously? One insignificant kiss with Yusa and it was only to help out his career so that Yoshimi could get Masahiro. It's not like he actually slept with him, or wanted to. That's not even considered cheating in my book. Anyways, I totally LOVE this story and this couple! And that's saying something, because i'm incredibly picky about things. Yoshimi and Masahiro are definitely one of my fav. pairings

-I know. I totally agree with you! I LOVE this pairing and feel that it's the only way to go!

-I can actually imagine the mangaka crying in the corner because to deny this couple is like to deny the point of this story. I hope I don't sound too presumptuous saying that, but I feel that it's the truth. She wasn't playing any mind games or anything with the pairing. Yoshimi is the right one for Masahiro, with all his goodness and his flaws. Bratty seme/indulging uke is actually a pairing style that's done thousand times over. The unique twist is that she made Akito into such a lovable character. I guess that's why everyone feels indignant for him.

As for the cheating thing... it was really funny to me, actually. I could see the gears turning inside Yoshimi's undeveloped sixteen year old brain.

Go along with Yusa --> get chosen to be the model --> beat Akito --> get Masahiro.

It's the type of reasoning that makes you go *headdesk* but when you understand where his thoughts lead, you really have no choice but to forgive him. Even Akito thought it was cute; and considering how easily Masahiro forgave him, he probably understood too.

-I feel that the other thread grossly misrepresented Yoshimi's personality. He really is a cute character that you shouldn't be able to bring yourself to hate.

I say so much just because I would really hate to see someone read the comments and decide against reading the story.
                                 -it might not be the longest yaoi out there, but I couldn't stop reading.
  I love the contrast in characters and I never really read a yaoi where the seme and uke look so manly, and I love how the 16 year old was the   one in control of all the smex parts xD it was a nice difference <3
DEFINITELY on my top list for favorite Yaoi!

Read it! you wont be disappointing!

The ending was cute too!!~~

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