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Thursday, June 9, 2011

PHD in Manga

Sorry for not posting in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. School wasn't my friend much. LOL
Quick! You must take out more student loans in order finance this opportunity! You can consider the career applications later.
Japan’s Kyoto Seika University said Tuesday it will launch the country’s first doctoral program in manga studies next year.
The private university in western Japan is well known for its manga and anime programs and established a master’s degree course in manga last year.[...]
The university says it has received overseas requests for an advanced center for manga research, and that the industry is in transition amid globalization and the growth of digital media.
Kyoto Seika University announced on Tuesday that it will offer Japan's first doctorate program in manga studies to new students, beginning in April of next year. The university in Kyoto has a 40-year history of academic study in manga and animation. The university was first to install a specialized area of manga studies in 2000, and it then crated a Faculty of Manga in 2006. It was also the 1st to establish a master's degree program in manga last year, when it accepted 20 students. The university notes that the creation of the doctorate program is a response to internationalization of manga culture, increased public support, and developments in digital media and global contents culture. The faculty's teaching staff includes To Terra creator Keiko Temiya and manga translator and cultural anthropologist Matt Thorn.
Candidates in the doctoral program will study manga theories for at least 3 years to receive this Doctorate of Arts degree. After completing coursework, the Kyoto Seika University expects graduates to become researchers, professors, and manga artists. The teaching staff includes internationally known manga researchers and active authors and editors. With this staff, students will get a close view of authors' perspectives on manga research and develop professional knowledge about production.
Kyoto Seika University will accept applications next January, hold admission tests in February, and accept 4 to 12 students into the program in April 2012.
More information about the program is available in Japanese on the university's website.

This is really recent too, this was posted Monday of this year!

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