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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hakuouki: shinsengumi kitan

The protagonist, Yukimura Chizuru, is the daughter of a doctor who works in Edo. The father leaves Edo to work as a volunteer doctor and moves to Kyoto without his daughter. As time passes by, Chizuru starts worrying about losing contact with her father, so she decides to go to Kyoto in search of him. On the way, Chizuru is attacked by few criminals and witnesses a fight between an oni and the Shinsengumi. Taking her into custody and saving her, the Shinsengumi debate on what to do with Chizuru when they discover that she is the daughter of the doctor they are also looking for. So they decide to become Chizuru's protectors and help her look for her father(the doctor). Lots of events happen while she stays with the Shinsengumi, as they discover mysterious secrets and also fight against the Bakumastu group. The story is overall romantic with a historical and political background.
**Season 2 of Hakuouki

This anime is FULL of sexy, handsome, cute guys with LOADS of action packed seens. The humor in this anime is good. The anime is based of a game called "Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan", yea...  The game is really good too.

The anime mostly fallows the game story line with a few exemptions. Make sure you are super patient when watching the anime. But you won't regret it.

This anime is like (almost) a combo or Gintama and Bleach, but back in the Edo period.

This anime as 22 episodes, manga, game and a few other things. Over all very good anime

Watch it here
Read it here
Movie here 

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