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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Starry☆Sky (game)

I don't have much to say about it sense I never bought the game (Do no download it. All the down load links fail... Badly.).. But I keep hearing how awesome it is.

This is basically a dating sims games, but with really hot guy, some porn, and some gay stuff. This is a M game rated 18 years or older. But it's really a uber hot, yet super classy  Ecchi game. It's not "OMG SEX! BOOBS PORN" type of thing. You have to build a relationship ship with that girl (or sometimes guy). If you go right for the sex and boobs you lose the game. It's like an awesome but better RL dating Sims. But no worries it's not even slightly boring.

The game is pure Japanese. No English version. So either know Japanese to just click on stuff. There is 2 mods you can play in all 12+ games. Either
1)Doesn't matter what you click, the out come is all the same. You get the girl. So like if you call her fat. Eh, a few minutes later you have her naked XD
2)It matters what you click. If you call her fat and stupid, you have to wait a week (In the games times. Not RL) to touch her or kiss her. So in other words every option you click, matters for the final results.
There is a game guide that will tell you what to click on if you want to play option 2. So no worries; oh and it's English...

When I looked into the game (I want the damn game. But it is way to expensive to get shipped to the U.S) It seems the Spring time bounce package is the best one to get.

It's not in the U.S. I looked every single place there is to look. And you can't get it anyone in the U.S. You have to get it shipped from the Honybee site. And getting the shipping place is a pain. Oh and they don't even ship to the U.S >:C. But other places like Amazon (Only one Amazon has XD) does. Japan Games might have the game. You can get it from flutter scape; but they usually don't have it in stock, so you'll have to request it.

To actually learn more about the game you can go here, here or here

Edit 1/6/11: Starry sky is going to become an anime!

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