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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ciel in Wonderland OVA

Summary for "Ciel In Wonderland" (it appears, identical, both in the scan and the official website):
One day in the Phantomhive residence, Ciel's room. Ciel is bored reading reports, until he spots a rabbit-eared Sebastian. Sebastian is walking around, mumbling "It's late, it's late". Ciel follows him and falls down in a hole, getting lost in a mysterious world...
A "Kuroshitsuji version" of "Alice In Wonderland", where the Kuroshitsuji characters run about in the world of Lewis Carroll's book.
"I am just one hell of a white rabbit".
The story is in 2 parts (2 OVAs), the first one will be included in the series' 2nd DVD, to be released on October 27th.
Also, as many of you know but some don't, all the designs were done by Yana Toboso herself. Some of them (Ciel, Sebastian and Grell) exist since over one year ago, when she posted some sketches of them on her blog. Actually, they even made official goods with them ages ago... You can still find Ciel, Sebastian and Grell (Alice In Wonderland version) pins on sale in Animate XD And maybe the cellphone straps are still on sale too ?_? I think it was originally called "Ciel's adventures in wonderland" (on the pins) but I can't remember XD
As someone pointed out, there are quite a few Alice In Wonderland-inspired KS doujinshi around, but all of them were made *after* Yana designed the outfits, so of course they didn't invent them in the first place.
On a side note, Elizabeth is not the Dormouse but the Mouse, since in Japanese she's called "hatsukanezumi" and not "yamane".
Please refer to Wikipedia for the difference:
The Mouse (in Japanese "hatsukanezumi") ->
The Dormouse (in Japanese "yamane") ->

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