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Saturday, September 25, 2010

kuroshitsuji season 2

I was kinda on the wall about this season.  I though,
                         "This season is going to be horrid. I am not going to watch it!"

I watched it. It wasn't that bad. Claude and Aloise was cool character's. Hanna she was surprising, and the 3 other demons for Aloise. Well they didn't even have a cool part to play!

Sebastian:  He is still hot, and was clearly slightly weaker that Claude. But I must say, you can see he loved-loved Ciel. He never got Ciel soul in the end. It's sad really. He lose Ceil near the end and then dies with him in the end. The weird part is, that he carried Ciel with him in a suit case, till he got to the Trancy house hold.

Claude: He's cool, but is all widely hated. He stole Ciel Soul in Season 1, he hates his own master Aloise. He ends up killing him for Ciel. Sense they both want Ciel and he needed a contract. Claude and Sebastian made one. Claude has Ciel for the whole season, but the last episode they fight for Ciel! But Claude dies, Seb win's.

Hanna: She is extremely strong. She made a contract with Aloise little brother. His bother wish was to have Aloise to be happy. Hanna took a liking Aloise brother, so she then become close to Aloise so she could be close to his brother (weird right?) Then at the end she makes a contract with Ceil-Aloise.
Hanna's Demon out fit is wowing, to say at the least. And the 3 little demons that look alike, there all Hanna's person people. I guess you could say.

Ciel and Aloise: Ciel hates him, Aloise kinda all most loves Aloise. In reality there the same, but Ciel failed to see that. Claude gets a hold on Ciel and makes him have all of Aloise memory's. So now Ciel slowly is taken over by Aloise soul. So now it's Ciel body with Aloise soul. Ciel tries to fight for his body, but by the time he gets full control of it. He makes a contract with Hanna. In the end Ciel as control over his body, mind and becomes a Demon. just like Seb. Ciel doesn't know he is one though.
  After he becomes on, he goes back with Seb and lives his life for a few month. Then he must know he's a demon by now because he was talking about dieing, but Seb can't take his soul now. So then the leave and jump off a cliff.

Near the end of the anime it get's really sad, but epic. I highly recommend the anime, but it doesn't fallow the Manga one bit. Oh and this season seems so Fan service like. I think the auther read some Fan Fics along the way... C:

Even though everything that Claude has done to Ciel to make sure he hates Seb. Ciel still likes Seb better.

I don't get them. They never really even had a role in the story any who.

Remind you of someone?

The end of Ciel and Aloise combination thingy

Well now, Ciel order Seb to never show is face again. So Claude won this round! Claude is now the fail butler.

I never knew Reaper had to wear glasses
Seb realized it was Lunch time.

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